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Army of Two Tutorial by Krofter
Army of Two Tutorial
Last year i did the 'hentai' mask from Army of Two and made a tutorial on how to make one :)
It is very late because i kept forgetting all about it! xD
A reference picture is at the end to help with anyone wanting to make one of thier own.
Vote for Bonsai by Krofter
Vote for Bonsai
I've just entered Bonsai into a pet competition. If you love him as much as i do can you please vote for him? Thank you.
i have 2 days left. today is 29/10/14
Cancer by Krofter
Got back from the vets after a long day on the 19/6/14.
Took bonsai in with the swollen butt with Chaos for company. Bonsai got a needle in her tummy to see if she was egg bound (which i thought she was) and the stuff came out yellow which the vet said looked yolky.
He took the yellow stuff into the next room to look at it closer and said it looked neither like egg bind or a tumor and needed to keep Bonsai for x-rays to find out what it was.
When we came back an hour later the vet says its a cancerous tumor. He had put another needle into the other side of Bonsais belly which came out clear which indicated cancer. He said because it was liquid the cancer cells were dying but not all of them which made her look so big.
In human terms she had the equivalent of 3 footballs in her stomach.
Saw the x-rays and Bonsai's belly was plucked. Vet says i can keep her as is and let her live out her life since it is not painful to her and she is quite active OR i can take her to a bird specialist in Brisbane or Sydney to have surgery and risk her dying from the anesthetic since birds don't take it very well.
The vet said out of the 15 birds he has had through10 died from surgery so i decided to let her live out her life.

ALSO found out Bonsai is a BOY and not a girl as i was told when i bought him Chaos is a girl too but no breeding will happen since Bonsais butt is too big.

The vet only charged me $100 for the bill that was originally $300 which i was very grateful for.
This picture was taken before the trip to the vets when i was trying to get a good shot of Bonsais butt to show.

Bonsai is going great now with Chaos and has thier half of the cage sectioned off from the lovebird and budgie.
Bonsai and Chaos by Krofter
Bonsai and Chaos
Just realized I've had Bonsai for 2 years and Chaos for 1 :) They were put into a bigger aivery when i moved into the stepmums house and are housed with a lovebird and budgie.
Bonsai loves snuggling up to Chaos if she tolerates it and is a boy (thought 'he' was a 'she' when i first got him :P)
Chaos is more bossy and used to screech early in the morning then again late at night but luckily stopped after a few months. Chaos loves sunflower seeds, hogging the food bowl, being aggressive at night and using the water bowl as her personal bath xD
That's how she got the name Chaos. Cant tame her for the life of me.
They are both inseparable. When i first put Bonsai into the new cage Chaos tried to wedge her head between the bars of the old cage she was still in to get into the new cage with Bonsai.
Game on! by Krofter

Hi there!
This is a comic me and :iconminni-mcphail: made during school, mostly drawing little pictures in our margins about what we did on the weekend.
It became a comic soon after that and we thought of a name; M.C. which is short for 'Margin characters' but we just refer to it as the letters :P
The characters names are a mixture of popular anime names and made up ones.

:heart: The comic started out with a girl named Peri who meets a boy named Kakashi.
Once she gets to know him a bit better she decides to move in with him and finds out he is a triplet to two girls, Kikyo and Kagome.
Peri's family decides to visit which include her two cousins Roc, a man who can teleport anywhere and Jeko,a man who was cursed with a falcon form.
Her other cousin Biro visits for a short time also.

'more to come soon'

:heart: :iconkrofter: loves :icondualityfreak: :heart:

If you are looking for Transamagei stories and art try here :iconkalfar:

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